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French Bakery Bastard (2016)

Аудио » Сборники 24-12-2016, 13:14 671 / 2

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French Bakery Bastard (2016)

01. Wacko – FBB Intro [Prod. By DJ Weedim]
02. Biffty – Gouter [Prod. By DJ Weedim & Chapo]
03. Eloquence – Le Haut Du Pave’ [Prod. By Narcos]
04. Eloquence feat. Matt Houston & Flag The Name – Nana [Prod. By Flag The Name]
05. Biffty – Hombre [Prod. By DJ Weedim]
06. Kronyk – PoteGamme La [Prod. By Cashmoney Ap]
07. Alkpote – OKLM Freestyle [Prod. By DJ Weedim & Bricks Da Mane]
08. K.S.A – #RPTG [Prod. By DJ Weedim & Jojo]
09. Alkpote – Survivant De L’enfer [Prod. By DJ Weedim]
10. Vald – Ecailles [Prod. By DJ Weedim, Pyroman & Narcos]
11. Vald – T’as Bien Mal [Prod. By DJ Weedim]
12. B.e.LaBeu – Happy Beuday [Prod. By Frencizzle & G Snype]
13. Biffty – Taux De Change [Prod. By DJ Weedim]
14. Turish Benji – Colossal (Remix) [Prod. By DJ Weedim & Jojo]
15. Atis 70Cl – Hors Serie 2 #LesApes [Prod. By GHXT]
16. Nix – Badou Meun Lepp [Prod. By Flag The Name]

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